Patterns on the Japanese Kimono Dress

When it comes to clothing, then they reflect the times, humor, and emotions of any kind of designer. This is the reason that there are seasonal clothes that contain not only the best clothes and seasonal materials but also the appropriate colors and designs for the specified weather. Clothing is an expression that represents who we are, what we love and dislike.

As much as seasonal changes affect our clothing, the same affect emotional preferences. One day you can feel glamorous and sunny and want to wear some decorations while others feel something easy. Japanese Kimono Dress Design This is amazing with the same. it is more about clothes and kimonos to know what it really represents for the Japanese Kimono pattern that’s good. When it comes to patterns in the Kimono, they largely depend on seasonal changes.

They are designed in such a way that reflects the design of different seasons and is actually supplemented by clothing. The bright and vibrant colors of spring show warm and sunny weather with some floral patterns. On the other hand, the designs are quite a different fall and their distinctive autumn colors are such as a ring. In winter they have designs including cedar, bamboo and plum blossoming trees, which are known to bring good luck in the winter and to reflect the freezing weather.

Japanese culture gives instructions that if clothes are worn by the weather, they will bring good luck and prosperity to those who wear it. That is why they have to make it a point when keeping winter clothes fades, then keeping useful autumn cloth when the weather changes begin to show up.

Due to the formal level of particular event patterns change in the Kimono design. More formal is worn on special occasions For some, the design becomes more independence and remains on the surface with the edge or even the entire kimonos.

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